Team Roster

South Beach Pimps Scenario Paintball Team Roster, 2015

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The 2015 scenario paintball season is starting out with a bang. Lots of changes on the South Beach Pimps roster.  Some well known players are no longer with us.  But, when one door closes, another opens. We have some great new players join the team and we are really looking forward to some other players returning from a little time off.

New faces are going to be stepping forward to represent the South Beach Pimps. If everything’s cool, look for Jay Murray. If there’s a problem, look for Mike Tolnay, (The problem will likely be Jay Murray).


Peace, God Bless, and play like you mean it!



South Beach Pimps Young Guns!


David Merrick, Jr.


David Merrick Jr., 14



Jay Ryan, Cropped


Jay Ryan Murray, 15



Josh Crowder Cropped



Josh Crowder, 16



Chance Wilkins, cropped



Chance Wilkins, 10



Cast & Crew!

#10   Mike “BOSSMAN” Tolnay



Michael Tolnay



#66   Jay “BIG PIMP’N” Murray


Jay C. Murray



#51   Emilio  “HOMEY” Hidalgo


Emilio Hidalgo



#12   Rick  “GRIZZ” LaBoy


Richard LaBoy



#13   Manny  “HITMAN” Cordoves


Manny Cordoves



Raul Perez


Raul Perez



#70   Luiz “LUIGI” Carmona


Luiz Carmona



Bruce Crowder


Bruce Crowder



Pete Rijos


Pete Rijos



Robert Levy

Robert Levy



Tom Edge


Tom Edge



#33   Mike  “MAGICMAN” Wilkins


Mike Wilkins



Artie Singley


Artie Singley



Jim Dillmore


Jim Dillmore



Steve Turner


Steve Turner



#07   Mike  “DAMAGE” Skinner


Mike Skinner



#11   David  “WHISPER” Merrick


David Merrick



#44   Aaron “P.I.T” Baum


Aaron Baum



#29   Blake  “BLANK” Walden


Blake Walden






Anthony Clinger




Pimps in training: Josh Crowder, Chance Wilkins, & Jay Ryan Murray