Heirs of Olympus, LCP, April 10-12

Heirs of Olympus scenario paintball event, April  10-12, at Low Country Paintball in Ludowici, GA.







In ancient times, after defeating their predecessors the Titans, the gods divided the Universe among themselves; Zeus took the skies, Poseidon took the seas, and Hades, tricked by Zeus, was left with the Underworld. The gods created the mortals, whose faith and prayers assured the gods’ immortality. As time passed, however, mortals began to question them and soon resist their creators, angering the Olympians.

As the mortals turn their backs on the Olympians, Zeus visits a young fisherman named Perseus. After the initial shock, Perseus discovers he is the mortal child of Zeus, a demi-god. His half brother, Ares, a god living on Mt Olympus, is jealous of the attention shown to Perseus by Zeus. Ares leaves Olympus, with plans on eliminating Perseus and showing Zeus that he is wrong about the future of the gods.

Upon discovering this development, Zeus strips Ares of his Immortal powers and unleashes creatures of nightmares upon Earth, challenging both Perseus and Ares to discover treasures, monsters and puzzles along their way to their final showdown to be the rightful Heir of Olympus!!!!!!!.


Registration right now is set at $35 per person
Paint is set at a price of $45 per case
These are early bird specials, prices will increase closer to game day


TO REGESTER :           http://www.lcpscenariogames.com/reg/



67 Low Country Ln SW, Ludowici, GA 31316
(912) 663-2314


The Freeze of New Gotham, Battlefield Orlando, May 1-3

The Freeze of New Gotham game at Battlefield Orlando, May 1-3, 2015.

The South Beach Pimps scenario paintball team would to attend this event. So bring your best game and paintball gear.

Freeze of New Gotham



According to the fields website,

This game will be unlike any other which we have seen in the recent history of paintball. Ragnarok Production Group has acquired new talent which is going to help us to shape the game more, and to bring it back to the era of true scenario games.

 Michael “Whitefeather” Walsh has been participating in scenario games since 1986. In addition to being a member of one of the most winningest teams in scenario history, Blitzkrieg, he also has a long history of being involved in the background of the sport. Ragnarok Production Group has recruited Whitefeather to assist us in “bringing it back.”

 What does this mean for you, the player? Well, what this means, is that the game itself, will be more in-depth. There will be role playing going on, both prior to the game and during the game. It will NOT be limited to simply the field of play. Essentially, when you accept the role, it is game on for you. The time when there are games within games has returned. We want to see a return of the underhanded dealings on the field, the secret meetings off field where props are exchanged between agents of both teams, people creating their own props and passing them off to the other team. We want that deviousness and grey areas back in the sport we all know and love. We want to see people have more than just stories about the amazing paintball maneuvers they made. We want to see each and every one of you take part in the game on more than a physical, but an intensely mental level as well. We want to bring back a game where once game on happens, it takes on a life of its own.

 So, if you are brave enough, feel confident enough, or hell, are just ballsy enough, get a hold of me and your respective commander for the May game. Because let me tell you right now.


(772) 643 – 5498

Battle Field Orlando

1251 S. CR13

Orlando, FL. 32833



Game of Throne, Old River Paintball, Feb. 28 -March 1, 2015.

The South Beach Pimps scenario paintball will be at Old River Paintball for the Game of Thrones event February 28, thru March 1, 2015. Game of Thrones, 2015

The South Beach Pimps scenario paintball team has been chosen to role play as the White Walkers in the upcoming Old River Paintball, Game of Thrones event. If you are familiar with the series, the White Walkers are magical enemies of all men and can only be killed with special weapons. I’m told that we will wear a white robe with a small red square on it. The only way to take us out will be to hit us in the square.

So if you venture past the wall, better watch out for the White Walker Pimps!


Old River Paintball is located at:

Address:  9911 SE 170th Ave Rd  Ocklawaha, FL 32179

Phone: 352-288-5840

Mobile: 352-288-5840





First Strike, Halo – Spartan Assault, January 17 & 18 2015


Halo-Spartan Assault Redux January 17-18, 2015

First Strike, Jan. 2015

The South Beach Pimps scenario paintball team will be at First Strike event Jan. 17 & 18 2015. It’s our first event of the 2015 year.  We will be playing for General Rocky.

Spartans and their glorious triumphs in battle, though strangely silent concerning Humanity’s slow and imminent loss of the war against the Covenant. The Covenant can be seen as the Persian army, and the Flood as the Ten Thousand Immortals; unstoppable, innumerable, building their armies from the bodies of their conquered. Here we have yet another metaphor for the ring shape of Halo; the Spartans are encircled, but wait, could this be a Blue vs Red Spartan event….

Blue Team Leader – Frank Connell, Lieutenant is a SPARTAN-II commando. As of 2553, he is one of the few remaining SPARTAN-IIs and holds the highest rank among his active-duty peers.

Red Team Leader – Rocky Cagnoni, Petty Officer Second Class was a SPARTAN-II super soldier and led teams of other Spartan-II’s on multiple occasions as well as being an electronics expert.

First Strike Paintball
5619 SE CR 337
Newberry, Florida
Field Phone: 352-338-8408         

Directions from Orlando:

Take the Florida Turnpike North until it merges into I75. Take I75 North to SR26 (Exit 387). Proceed west on SR26 to the city of Newberry. Continue on SR 26 through the city of Newberry and continue going west until you enter Gilchrist county. Look for CR337 and at CR337 (see First Strike Paintball sign on SW corner of the intersection) turn right (north) and go 1 mile.  First Strike Paintball is located on the left side of the road.



Suggested Hotels:

Baymont Inn & Suites
6901 NW 4th Blvd
Gainesville, FL
Exit 387

Sunny South Motel
105 S Main St
Newberry, FL 32669

Best Western
4200 NW 97th Blvd
Gainesville, FL
Exit 390

Prancing Pony Farm Vacation Cottage
6060 SE 60th Avenue
Trenton, FL