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Advertise online, market your product, and sponsor the South Beach Pimps scenario Paintball team!

Advertise online, market, and grow your sales with the South Beach Pimps scenario paintball team sponsorship and The South Beach Pimps utilize a three prong approach to promote your business:   1. Online advertisement through our website.   2. Online marketing through articles and posts on our blog site and social media.   3. The team supports your product in the field. Depending on what you product is, that can make the biggest impact. More about that below.

Our advertisement opportunities will help you market your product to the paintball community. Advertise online at multiple locations on our website in both our sponsors page and on our sidebar. Market online and promote your products, paintball store, online retail, paintball field, or paintball event as part of are online marketing campaigns. The South Beach Pimps website will consistently produce posts and social media, video, and articles from events, product reviews, etc.  Show off your product in the field to potential consumers, as the South Beach Pimps use it to dominate the competition.

What we can provide when you advertise online, market, and sponsor the South Beach Pimps:

  • Sidebar banner, linked directly to your website on every page.
  • Product spotlight with picture on side bar of every page.
  • Banner on our sponsors page, linked to your website.
  • Periodic write ups , product reviews, field reports, event coverage related to your product, store, field or item. Including your website and sales info.
  • Participation in our marketing campaigns that will mention your product, field, store or service as is appropriate. Including your website and sales info as appropiate.
  • Utilization of your product by the team as is appropriate. We will Pimp your gear!
  • Participation in the South Beach Pimps most successful marketing strategy. We will actually put your product in the hands of potential buyers. In less than a year, the South Beach Pimps were responsible for over 80 direct marker sales for one manufacturer. That does not include the indirect sales than went through other retail stores. Yes, ALL of those  marker sales went through one online retailer!
  • We our open to discuss other areas that you think we can assist you in meeting your sales goals.

I encourage you to contact the South Beach Pimps directly at,

Let us help you market your product and be successful with your online paintball sales.

Jay C. Murray