Sword of Aragorn, First Strike, Sept. 19

Sword of Aragorn, A Middle Earth Tale,  Sept. 19 & 20, at First Strike Paintball in Newberry, Fl.

South Beach Pimps Scenario Paintball Team will attend the Sword of Aragorn

The South Beach Pimps Scenario Paintball Team will be in Newberry Fl. for the scenario game, Sword of Aragorn.

The game writers of the following description:

In the years that followed the deaths of the High King Aragorn and his Queen Arwen, the young King Eldarion worked to maintain the Kingdom his father had built. But the fierce tribes of the Harad, sometimes called Easterlings under the Leadership of Ulfang, grandson of Uldor were once again raiding the border villages and towns of his land.
In order to rally his people, Eldarion took his Army to the border lands to confront Ulfang and his Wainriders. Eldarion, being young and daring, some would say foolhardy, would often lead nightly patrols. It was on one of these rides that disaster struck, a well planned ambush, outnumbered and in fear of being overrun, Eldarion commanded his young squire to flee the fight, taking the sword Anduril with him, ensuring it would never fall into the wrong hands. Though gravely wounded, Eldarion escaped with his life, but alas, the squire never returned to camp and the sword was lost. With the wounding of the King and the loss of the sword the moral of the army was broken and they were forced to flee the battlefield, leaving the borderlands in the hands of Ulfang.
Now the hunt is on, for whoever finds the sword can proclaim himself high King, Eldarion, with his Rangers and Ulfang, commanding an army of easterlings, each seeking the clues that will lead them to Anduril and the power it brings with it…



First Strike Paintball
5619 SE CR 337
Newberry, Florida
Field Phone: 352-338-8408         

Directions from Orlando:

Take the Florida Turnpike North until it merges into I75. Take I75 North to SR26 (Exit 387). Proceed west on SR26 to the city of Newberry. Continue on SR 26 through the city of Newberry and continue going west until you enter Gilchrist county. Look for CR337 and at CR337 (see First Strike Paintball sign on SW corner of the intersection) turn right (north) and go 1 mile.  First Strike Paintball is located on the left side of the road.



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Sunny South Motel
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