Halloween Spectacular, Death Troopers, Battlefield Orlando, Oct. 23-25

The 3rd Annual Battlefield Orlando Halloween Spectacular – Death Troopers: A StarWars Tale, Oct. 23 – 25.


Battlefield, Death TroopersA Long time ago…in a Galaxy far…far away…

On a small planet, removed from all star charts, in a system, similarly removed. The empire is conducting experiments, under the supervision of The Inquisitor. A melding of The Force and science.

Those experiments, however, require fresh bodies and a prison transport just happens to have a “malfunction” and crash land on the planet.

Now, that experiment, a melding of the dark side of the force and science to reanimate the bodies of the dead, has gone awry. Resulting in a battle, not simply between the recently crashed Rebellion Prisoners and the Empire, but with the dead themselves.

Admission is $30 until 8/31. Then $40 until 9/30 and then $50 after that.

Official game map, Oct 23-25









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