The Freeze of New Gotham, Battlefield Orlando, May 1-3

The Freeze of New Gotham game at Battlefield Orlando, May 1-3, 2015.

The South Beach Pimps scenario paintball team would to attend this event. So bring your best game and paintball gear.

Freeze of New Gotham



According to the fields website,

This game will be unlike any other which we have seen in the recent history of paintball. Ragnarok Production Group has acquired new talent which is going to help us to shape the game more, and to bring it back to the era of true scenario games.

 Michael “Whitefeather” Walsh has been participating in scenario games since 1986. In addition to being a member of one of the most winningest teams in scenario history, Blitzkrieg, he also has a long history of being involved in the background of the sport. Ragnarok Production Group has recruited Whitefeather to assist us in “bringing it back.”

 What does this mean for you, the player? Well, what this means, is that the game itself, will be more in-depth. There will be role playing going on, both prior to the game and during the game. It will NOT be limited to simply the field of play. Essentially, when you accept the role, it is game on for you. The time when there are games within games has returned. We want to see a return of the underhanded dealings on the field, the secret meetings off field where props are exchanged between agents of both teams, people creating their own props and passing them off to the other team. We want that deviousness and grey areas back in the sport we all know and love. We want to see people have more than just stories about the amazing paintball maneuvers they made. We want to see each and every one of you take part in the game on more than a physical, but an intensely mental level as well. We want to bring back a game where once game on happens, it takes on a life of its own.

 So, if you are brave enough, feel confident enough, or hell, are just ballsy enough, get a hold of me and your respective commander for the May game. Because let me tell you right now.

(772) 643 – 5498

Battle Field Orlando

1251 S. CR13

Orlando, FL. 32833